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Remix Conf Europe is a remote conference focusing on delivering fast and scalable websites deployable to any platform with Remix. Attend talks and workshops that will help you stay up-to-date on modern web standards and cutting-edge user experience.

Offering remote participation, the event gathers developers from around the world.

Join discussion rooms on tech topics on November 17 from 5:30pm to 8pm CET. And enjoy two tracks of talks and Q&As on November 18 from 4pm to 9pm CET. It's a remote event on both days.

This year you can expect:

  • Remix

  • Cloudflare Pages

  • Prisma

  • Storyblok

  • Deno

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Chance Strickland
Building Remix @ Shopify, USA

Chance Strickland is a software engineer at Shopify building Remix. Previously he has worked on popular open source libraries like Reach UI and Radix UI, and he has taught hundreds of developers by leading workshops with React Training.

Kent C. Dodds, USA
Talk: Full Stack Components

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. He is the creator of EpicReact.Dev and He's an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and Remix.

Arisa Fukuzaki
Storyblok, Germany
Talk: Let’s Remix to Localize Content!

Arisa is a Frontend Developer who became a DevRel Engineer. She works at Storyblok to share and improve better DX through talks, maintaining SDKs, and tutorials. Her mission is to learn, speak, connect and help. In her private time, she is a GDE, an Aikido fighter, a GirlCode ambassador, and a longboarder.

Sergio Xalambrí
Developer experience
Full Info
Sergio Xalambrí
Daffy, Perú
Talk: Remixing How We Give

I'm Sergio Xalambrí, an Argentinian web developer living in Perú and working at

I'm a tech writer at and an Open Source author and contributor.

I'm an early supporter and contributor of Remix. Previous contributor of Next.js, SWR, and several other OSS projects.

I’ve also authored Remix Auth, Remix Utils, remix-i18next, useMutation, flagged, and more packages.

Emily Kauffman
Full Info
Emily Kauffman
Harvie, USA
Talk: Remixing a Symfony

Emily is a lead software engineer based out of Pittsburgh, USA. She's a lifelong learner, adjunct professor, and IoT enthusiast. Emily has a tech background in healthcare, robotics, and more recently, bringing local food to the masses at Harvie. In her spare time, you can find Emily working on her web agency startup, scuba diving, or trying her hand at landscape photography.

Brian LeRoux
Begin, Canada
Talk: Remix Persistence With DynamoDB

Brian LeRoux is the cofounder of, maintainer of Architect (, contributor to Enhance, and an AWS Serverless Hero.

Adrien Baron
Full Info
Adrien Baron
Tractable, UK
Talk: Scaling Up with Remix and Micro Frontends

Hi, I’m Adrien 👋.

I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Tractable, a startup which is revolutionising insurance using Machine Learning. I previously lead the Micro Frontend effort at Cazoo (and wrote about it!).

I’m passionate about building things, such as, a statistics tracker for Clash of Clans ⚔️, Vue GWT a library that lets you build Vue.js components in Java ☕️, and more recently Tiny Frontend an open source Micro Frontend architecture library 🐰.

I live in London with my partner. In my free time, I love going to see a show in the West End, playing some Beat Saber on my Valve Index or reading the latest book from Brandon Sanderson.

Sid Chatterjee
Cloudflare, UK

Senior Systems Engineer at Cloudflare. Building Rust for JavaScript Developers.

When he isn't writing code, Sid enjoys scuba diving, reading and lazing with his dogs. He lives in London, UK and writes at

Andre Landgraf
Full Info
Andre Landgraf
LinkedIn, USA
Talk: Remix Architecture Patterns

Andre is a full stack developer from Germany. He graduated with an MS in Information Systems from the Technical University of Munich and was also awarded an MS in Computer Science from Sofia University in Palo Alto. Andre currently lives in Cupertino, California, and he works as a Software Engineer at LinkedIn. Andre loves learning, writing, and speaking about all things web. In his free time, he tutors aspiring developers and builds for the web.

Josefine Schaefer
Full Info
Josefine Schaefer
Talk: Demystifying Web Accessibility

Hi, I'm Josefine ✌️ DevRel Engineer at Storyblok, GirlCode Ambassador & Accessibility Advocate.

Michael Carter
Developer experience
Full Info
Michael Carter
onezerOne, USA
Talk: Remix Flat Routes – An Evolution in Routing

Michael Carter has over 30 years experience developing applications. He was one of the first to get a Remix license. He hangs out on the Remix Discord as well as GitHub and Twitter helping other developers. He has created many packages and tools to enhance your Remix apps.

Sabin Adams
Prisma, USA
Talk: How Remix and Prisma Make Frontend Devs Fullstack

I'm Sabin Adams, and I've been working in web development for about ten years now. I love solving problems and making tools that make developers' lives easier, and currently, I work as a developer advocate for Prisma. Teaching, speaking, and writing about web development is my passion!

Facundo Giuliani
Storyblok, Argentina
Talk: Your Personal Remix

Facundo is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has more than 15 years of experience in software development. Systems Engineer graduated from the National Technological University from Argentina. Full Stack Developer. Auth0 Ambassador. Prisma Ambassador. Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. GitKraken Ambassador. He is also an open-source contributor.

Daniel Afonso
OLX Group, Portugal
Talk: React Remixed

Daniel is a Developer Advocate at OLX Group. His current interest is in React and JavaScript, and he advocates for better testing principles using the testing library. He has a full-stack background, having worked with different languages and frameworks on various projects from IoT to Fraud Detection. In his free time, when he's not learning new technologies or writing about them, he's probably reading comics or watching superhero movies and shows.

Michael Bromley
Vendure, Austria
Talk: The New Frontier: E-Commerce at the Edge

I've been building for the web for over 15 years - mainly focusing on e-commerce applications, content management and open source. Now I'm building Vendure, an open-source headless commerce framework with a focus on developer productivity. I strongly believe in the mission to bring joy through great developer experience and open source tools. I'm originally from England but for the past 8 years I've been based in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Juri Strumpflohner
Nx, Italy
Talk: Remixing Your Stack in a Monorepo Workspace

Juri Strumpflohner is the Director of Developer Experience at Nx. Prior to moving into developer relations, he has been consulting for some of the world's biggest companies, helping them scale their development efforts, particularly in the frontend space. Juri is a Google Developers Expert, speaker and Egghead instructor. Reach out to him on Twitter or his website on

Our MCs

Brittney Postma
Netlify, USA

Hi, I’m Brittney. I work at Netlify as a Developer Experience Engineer. I am the co-founder of the Svelte Sirens, a community for women, non-binary people, and allies to learn, build, and teach about Svelte. I also get to do a lot of fun things around the Jamstack including podcasts like Remotely Interesting and Svelte Radio and working with Coding Cat Dev and Learn Build Teach communities. I love helping and empowering people with the learn, build, and teach philosophy to grow in their careers.

Jon Meyers
Supabase, Australia

Jon Meyers is a Software Engineer, Educator and Hip Hop Producer from Melbourne, Australia. He's passionate about web development and enabling others to build amazing things! He is currently working as a Developer Advocate at Supabase, showing just how awesome databases can be!

Jon is running Youtube channel.

Paul Bratslavsky
Strapi, USA

Developer Advocate by day. Content creator by night. I love learning new things and sharing them with others. Love everything Javascript. Especially Remix and Strapi.

During my free time on the weekends, I tutor a small group of students in programming fundamentals. There is something special about sharing that I find really satisfying.

Schedule on Nov 18

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2022-11-18T15:15:00.000Z, USA
Full Stack Components

Remix is a web framework that gives you the simple mental model of a Multi-Page App (MPA) but the power and capabilities of a Single-Page App (SPA). One of the big challenges of SPAs is network management resulting in a great deal of indirection and buggy code. This is especially noticeable in application state which Remix completely eliminates, but it's also an issue in individual components that communicate with a single-purpose backend endpoint (like a combobox search for example).

In this talk, Kent will demonstrate how Remix enables you to build complex UI components that are connected to a backend in the simplest and most powerful way you've ever seen. Leaving you time to chill with your family or whatever else you do for fun 😎.

Prisma, USA
How Remix and Prisma Make Frontend Devs Fullstack

Remix gives developers the power to write their frontend and backend code in one unified location and language, which drops the fullstack barrier significantly for frontend devs and newer developers. The remaining piece, however, is the database. Throw Prisma into the mix and you've got a powerful fullstack experience with a very low learning curve. In this talk, we'll take a look at the amazing developer experience you get when you combine the two.

Storyblok, Germany
Let’s Remix to Localize Content!

Have you ever wished to have a flexible approach to localize your content to scale easily? Join my talk, and I'll show you multiple strategies to translate and localize your content with Remix. I'll share with you flexible dynamic route options from Remix to generate localized content in a practical way, including a headless approach demo and how to scale your solution in the future. Let's "Remix" to localize your content!

Daffy, Perú
Remixing How We Give

A review of how we're using Remix at to change the way people give to charities.

We'll talk about why we decided to use Remix, how we've used it and migrated from our previous frontend application and some patterns and libraries we have developed internally.

Begin, Canada
Remix Persistence With DynamoDB

Remix is the best React framework for working with the second most important feature of the web: forms. (Anchors are more important.) But building forms is the fun part: the tricky part is what happens when a web consumer submits a form! Not the client side validation logic but the brass tacks backend logic for creating, reading, updating, destroying, and listing records in a durable database (CRUDL). Databases can be intimidating. Which one to choose? What are the tradeoffs? How do I model data for fast queries? In this talk, we'll learn about the incredibly powerful AWS DynamoDB. Dynamo promises single-digit millisecond latency no matter how much data you have stored, scaling is completely transparent, and it comes with a generous free tier. Dynamo is a different level of database but it does not have to be intimidating.

Tractable, UK
Scaling Up with Remix and Micro Frontends

Do you have a large product built by many teams? Are you struggling to release often? Did your frontend turn into a massive unmaintainable monolith? If, like me, you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, this talk is for you! I’ll show you exactly how you can build a micro frontend architecture with Remix to solve those challenges.

LinkedIn, USA
Remix Architecture Patterns

Remix provides amazing flexibility and can be deployed anywhere where JavaScript is running. But how does Remix fit into the bigger application landscape of an organization? Remix provides great utility, but how to best take advantage of it? What things should be handled inside of Remix, and what things are better off done elsewhere? Should we use the express adapter to add a WebSocket server or should that be a standalone microservice? How will enterprise organizations integrate Remix into their current stacks? Let’s talk architecture patterns! In this talk, I want to share my thoughts about how to best integrate Remix into a greater (enterprise) stack.

Harvie, USA
Remixing a Symfony

In late 2020, I ran a Lighthouse test on a simple content page on Harvie, our farm management platform and Symfony app, and received a performance score of 31/100. The JavaScript bundle, the API requests, the database lookups, even with minimal UI to render, had a baseline score in the thirties! Along with customer feedback, this helped to catalyze a renewed commitment to performance at Harvie. Through numerous discussions, we walked through each step of page load, from networking to rendering, and identified where we could improve. After a year of rewrites and upgrades, our remaining detriment to overall performance was our frontend. We had been converting our Symfony twig templates into React SPA components and fell into the common problem of creating "request waterfalls", while our user had to stare at a loading screen. We needed a change, and for us, that was Remix. In this talk, I'll walk you through our team's journey with performance and how Remix has become a natural progression of that.

onezerOne, USA
Remix Flat Routes – An Evolution in Routing

This talk introduces the new Flat Routes convention that will most likely be the default in a future version of Remix. It simplifies the existing convention as well as gives you new capabilities.

Storyblok, null
Demystifying Web Accessibility

Accessibility is a decisive tool to make the internet a more inclusive place, it is absolutely crucial and despite the popular belief that only a small user group is affected, it benefits every single one of us. After a brief introduction, we will dive into practical tools to create more accessible websites and test for the most common web accessibility issues. Let's make the web more inclusive, one page at a time!

Vendure, Austria
The New Frontier: E-Commerce at the Edge

In this talk I'll explore the evolution of e-commerce infrastructure from traditional co-located servers to the new frontier of serverless and edge computing, and how modern developer tools like Remix and Vendure fit in.

Nx, Italy
Remixing Your Stack in a Monorepo Workspace

Remix entered the stage with a unique and refreshing take on how to develop on the web. But how do you integrate it into your existing ecosystem of applications? Do you want to test-drive Remix on a small project, or do you want to go full-in, but it is tricky to do a big-bang migration from your existing React app? In this talk, we're going to explore how a monorepo-based code organization can help integrate Remix with your existing React and TypeScript infrastructure, facilitating high code reuse and a migration path to Remix.

Storyblok, Argentina
Your Personal Remix

Here and there, people talk about "Personalization". Content creators, marketers, designers, and product owners evaluate the possibilities and alternatives to handle custom scenarios while offering powerful experiences to the users. And we, the developers, have some ways to help with that. Let's talk about personalization, the benefits, the challenges, and how we can manage and offer personalized experiences in our Remix projects.

OLX Group, Portugal
React Remixed

React and the JavaScript ecosystem seems to be constantly changing. Wherever we look, there are new libraries and frameworks. These new tools always lead to learning concepts that are often non-transferable knowledge.

What if I told you that by learning standard web APIs, relearning the web, and getting a bunch of transferable knowledge, you can also start using a fantastic new addition to the React ecosystem: Remix!

Program Committee

Niklas Abrahamsson
Webstep AB, Sweden

Fullstack javascript developer focused on React / Node.js. Always up for a good challenge and learning new stuff. Spends a lot of time with Remix and on the padel court. Organizer of Remix Sweden meetup group.

Kent C. Dodds, USA

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. He is the creator of EpicReact.Dev and He's an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and Remix.

Brooks Lybrand
H-E-B Digital, USA

Hi, my name is Brooks Lybrand and I am a Senior Web Engineer for the best grocery store in the world (okay, at least in Texas), H-E-B!

I specialize in building proof of concepts, evaluating tools, and creating highly interactive, data-rich applications. I enjoy exploring new ideas and technologies to help create better experiences for both developers and end-users.

When I'm not coding, I love spending time with the wife and dogs, camping, playing board games, and pretending I know what I'm talking about when it comes to coffee and beer.\

Jon Catchpowle
Smart, UK

Jon Catchpowle is a tech lead and organiser of Remix London. He can usually be found working with Typescript, React and most recently Remix!

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